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Giving Back

Giving Back is truly a Passsion and is a significant part of our reason Why!
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Giving back is a big reason for building this brand! If it weren't for the help of others along the way this company likely would have never made it to Launch.

In December 2019, I survived a sudden stroke at the age of 37. Two months later in 2020 a month before Covid, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS). For the better part of that year I was in a wheelchair and left paralyzed on my right side. Through a lot of hard work family friends and medical teams I have almost fully recovered from the deficits left behind by the stroke! Unfortunately even though medical science has come a long ways there still is no cure for MS.

That is just a little bit of why it's so important to me as the founder and owner of Lovable Gazelle, to build a brand that helps support others in the many facets of life. We have a few organizations that we are working with and trying to help however we've also left it open for our customers and fans to donate to their charity of choice.

Through collaboration with partners, vendors, and customers like you we hope to be able to make a real impact in local and national organizations that need our help! As we grow the company we will be of course evaluating and exploring different avenues and options but we feel like today we are in a good place to start making a difference!