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Our Story

"A little Bit Extra, A Whole Lotta Bougie!"
Charismatic // Innovative // Playful

It all started out of an interest and passion for art and design that was born in high school growing up in New Jersey and really came to the forefront during college at Miami.

As a high school student growing up in New Jersey there were not a lot of options for 6'8" 365lbs. high school senior when it came to clothing. There were a few brands thanks to the popularity of street where in the New York City metro area, in the 90s even that was hard to come by growing up!

Upon arriving as a freshman at University Miami in August 2001 it was clear I was going to get exposed to a whole new world and It was through my experience on campus and off campus in what was then an emerging and booming City of Miami. As Miami started to grow and explode as a city of the arts sutra so did my love for Fashion an Design!

Throughout my time in Miami in the School of Architecture at University of Miami I got exposed to a whole world of Architecture Art and Design and Fashion! Miami is unlike any other city in the country and over the years has continued to grow and mature as a city, from the people and culture to fashion and architecture and a variety of fields in the arts! The diverse population and citizens and businesses, and restaurants really opened up a whole New World and one that played a big influence on my life.

Although Lovable Gazelle is not based out of Miami we are still based in Florida and that plays a big role in our story and brand!

With that backstory in mind and the diversity that is seen throughout this country and up and down the East Coast especially that's where you can begin to see where the values for the company come from and hopefully shine through.
Oh this is a brand 20 years plus in the making and it's finally coming to life thanks to advancing technology and the ability to do things in a more sustainable eco-friendly way or just the number of factors for why now!

At Lovable Gazelle we are big on having fun being playful charismatic and innovative. It's not just about making money of course that is important to any business that wants to be around for a long time but it's also about delivering a cool product it has a meaning behind it not everything is going to be a home run and that's OK but what's cool about streetwear and our clothing is that we say what we mean and we mean what we say!!

It's about standing up and speaking up and saying the things others are either afraid to say or won't say because they are more concerned about the bottom line then doing what's right and that's not what we are about or what we are founded on.

We believe all people should be treated equally and with respect, kindness and love regardless of their race, sexual orientation or gender identity. If you do not believe this, We cannot accept your money.

This was recently brought to our attention by another great brand out of the Boston Are Johnny Cupcakes, so we want to make sure we give him credit for the awesome pop-up he recently put on his site but we believe in this very much the same and will continue to stand up for those who may not feel comfortable standing up and speaking up is a big part of our Mission and Brand as well!