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The Lovable Gazelle Roadmap

Big Things Ahead for Sure! 💯🛣 🤯 🛳 💖

Even though we grew up in the same neighborhood as Jay and Silent Bob watching Mallrats and Clerks on Repeat throughout most of middle school and high school you probably won't be able to purchase any of our clothing in the malls of America, but you will definitely see it everywhere especially in our hometown neighborhoods of New York, Miami and on the Jersey Shore!

We don't have the most extensive roadmap as of today the last couple months we have been getting everything ready for launch! 

Our biggest commitment today is focusing on delivering quality products and continuing to refine our designs and products. 

We are constantly iterating and evolving every aspect of the business from A-Z, and are committed to building for the long term!

There have been many great companies before us and probably will continue to be many after us, so while we have a vision for the future for right now we are committed to getting the early start correct and making adjustments as needed. The plan is to continue to be innovative play for fun and charismatic. For the short term you can expect pop-up items from time to time and a few new items each quarter give or take! 

If you are seeing something that you really love and think it would be interesting for us to explore give us a shout we're always willing to listen and if it makes sense we'll pursue it! Check back regularly to the site for more updates and of course you can always follow us on social media for shenanigans and probably a lot of useless information but also hopefully a lot of fun!! 💖 😜