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Lovable Gazelle Pride Hoodie

Supporting Our Friends All Year Long, Beyond June

A Little Bit Extra!

A Whole Lotta Bougie!

Sassy and Playful While

Daring to Be Different!

Oh Hey There! We’re The New Kid on the Block….

We don't hide our freshness—we embrace it! Because we know that Lovable Gazelle is different from other fashion brands. We're not just another pretty face in a sea of beautiful clothes. Our clothes are more than just beautiful—they're also comfortable, durable, and made with high-quality materials. And we've been doing our homework for 20 years before making the leap into fashion. We know what customers want, and we're here to deliver it to you, for you! We've been learning and observing for 20 years before we even made our leap into the world of fashion, and now that we're here, we want you to know how much we care about you.

Because we care about your experience with us—and because we want you to have a great time while shopping with us—we've taken the time to listen closely to what people like you have been saying about your experiences with other companies in this industry. And we've done our best to make sure that when you shop with us, it feels like shopping with a friend who wants you to be you, while looking and feeling amazing!

Pinky Shades - Lovable Gazelle's Mascot

Meet Pinky Shades

The OG Leader of the Herd! Learn more about the Legend and the Iconic face of the Lovable Gazelle Brand!

The Mission

Gazelles Are Unique and Majestic Just Like Humans

Charismatic & Standing Tall for All

There are many definitions when it comes to having charisma or being charismatic! It's one of our core values as a company. Our goal is to inspire and fascinate while being open and honest and transparent as a company!

Playful, Energetic & Magnetic

Gazelles are known for being very observant of their surroundings and always aware of what's going on around them! Like some of us they may not out out run their competition but they strive to survive by outmaneuvering and outlasting!

"Absolutely unparalleled products and service. We're commited to delivering classic yet innovative playful comfy apparel for years to come that stands tall and side-by-side with our customers. We are committed to building a brighter and more promising future through Fashion, Design, and Collaboration!

— Will Schmierer

Learn about Gazelles

Gazelles are unique, just like Humans! They are reserved and observant. They are fast but not always the fastest so they rely heavily on outsmarting, outlasting, and outmaneuvering their predators and competition!

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"A Little Bit Extra and A Whole Lotta Fun"

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